Tower of London

Tower of London

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's All About the Pounds

There's so much to do! I can't even begin to talk about packing right now without having a panic attack, so I am jumping to something else important on the to do list-money!

The UK still uses pounds, not euros. I knew this early on, but it just occurred to me today that they must have different denominations of the pound, just like we do of the dollar. So, I went to my old friend Google and this is what I came up with: UK Money

I am going to have to spend a little time with this page. Between the conversion and trying to figure out which money to hand over, I am a little nervous about cash in my summer homeland. I think Holly and Jess said it best in recent planning notes about our trip. Summed up, we are going to have to spend money on this trip and since we have to spend it, what better place than London!

Let me give a fair warning to anyone who is going overseas: figure out how you are going to use your money long before you leave!!!!!!! I was looking at different credit cards and debit cards to see where I would get the best deal for my money. I understand that everyone charges a fee for foreign transactions, but some of the banks are just ridiculous. I looked at one big American bank because it had tons of branches in the UK thinking it would be practically free since they were already there. Imagine my surprise and disgust that they would charge me $5.00 for EVERY debit and cc transaction. I would end up spending more on fees than on transportation for the entire trip.

In the end, it was actually my own wonderful bank, a credit union, that would give me the best deal. I was concerned that there would be problems or more fees because it is only 5 branches vs. the thousands of some of the other banks, but I was very wrong. It literally paid to do my homework!

I am obviously getting a little corny, so that must mean it times to get off of my soapbox and the computer. Next time: packing. I need a little Harry Potter magic because I have no idea how I am going to pack for a month in one suitcase.

More Soon,

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