Tower of London

Tower of London

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things I Will Miss About London

There are so many things I will miss about London! This list only looks shorter because there is no explanation necessary. There's no dirt to give, so why not keep it short and sweet? My dear London, you were so good to me. The things I will miss will stay with me in my heart until next time...

* Being handed my newspaper on the street every day.

* Musicians playing on the tube and in the neighborhood streets.

* Seeing people randomly reading just for the share pleasure of it by the droves!!!!!!!!

* Marks and Spencer (the best grocer or superstore, grocery and department store, EVER!!!)

* Seeing major adverts for books wherever I went.

* A room of my own (but I am thrilled to be going home to my husband/best friend!)

* Cleaning service (admit it, if you could hire a cleaning service it would only take you about a half a second to do so!)

* Good friends!

* A constant version of the Biggest Loser workout (minus the vegetables, see previous post)

* Street performers (for the most part, he knows who I am talking about. don't take 60 minutes to get there and then only stand on the bike as the big finale-what's wrong with you!!!!!!!!!)

* London Walks (If you are ever in London-TAKE THESE WALKS!!!! It is the best way to see the city by far.)

* The green initiatives. Americans should be ashamed of themselves. If London can do it this well and make money, then we have no excuses.

* The Tube. Even for all of its quirks, it was one of my favorite things about the trip. So long public transportation, hopefully Rhode Island will catch on to your wonders soon.

* Making a photo!

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