Tower of London

Tower of London

Monday, August 3, 2009

Things I Won't Miss About Ireland

To be fair to Scotland and Ireland, I must post the few things I won't miss about Ireland. It was almost the perfect love affair. At least this way I can remember that not all was lush and green in my new favorite place (except for Wicklow Mountains).

* 2 am fire alarms. (Okay I know the hotel we stayed in was apparently the happening night club as well, but really? Every night?)

* Lack of street signs. (Okay, this was actually kind of funny, but a little stressful. I thought we were bad in Rhode Island about giving directions. My favorite part is that they purposely put the wrong street name on the signs! You have to admit it is funny!)

* Cork. (Cork is a 4 hour drive from Dublin and it had a lot of things happen that day were not its fault, but Cork be happy for your library because otherwise I might have thought it was a punishment instead of a privilege to be there. P.S. Your library rocks!!!!)

* Cork Cafe. (We found this little cafe to grab lunch and get out of the rain. The food was actually worse than that in London. Didn't think it was possible.)

* Newgrange. (Okay so the tombs and the towns were cool, but the last tomb was just cruel. Claustrophobic, birds attacking me and I slammed my head on a slab of rock thousands of years old. Is this because I didn't like Cork that much? Cause it really wasn't that bad.)

So, even the bad stuff wasn't that bad. Maybe it is love's eyes, but Ireland, I will take you with your faults any day!

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