Tower of London

Tower of London

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Couple of Notes


I just wanted to post a couple of notes:

*** I will be traveling with the group to Scotland until Wednesay and then I will be in Ireland until the following Monday with 3 friends, so internet access is going to be unreliable at best. I am okay and I will be calling home to my husband everyday and I will call you too Mom!

*** Speaking of my mom, she was a little sad that she had to find a picture of me on one of my friend's sites and I did not have one up here, so here is a picture of me at Paddington station with everyone's favorite lost bear.

*** I will be posting to the blog for a week or two when I get back. I want to make sure that I get my best pictures up. I also have some items to finish on it for my class. You do not have to read along, of course, but I would love it if you do. I want to get as much down about my trip as possible. This is going to make a wonderful keepsake for me of my travels and experiences.

*** I think that is all for now. Send me your suggestions for things to see and do in Ireland!

Love Always,


  1. Go to the irish pubs and have a drink for me.

  2. From the looks of that picture it looks like Tony may be in for some competition. Bet you would like a Black and Tan when you get to Ireland. Hope you get up to Yeats country. Sandee

  3. I'm way cuter than that Paddington!!!


  4. Hey Mis,

    You'll have to find innovative ways to describe the absolute "greenness" of Ireland, so I'm told... I imagine Tolkien's Shire (or more probably Peter Jackson's) is very much like Ireland.

    This blog has been wonderful for a "mental traveler: like me - THANKS!

    Peg F.

  5. Maureen-I certainly will!

    Sandee-A Black and Tan works for me, how about you Maureen?

    Tony-Don't worry buddy, I think you are way more adorable than Paddington. Besides, Sandee is right. He is stiff in person.

    Peg-It's amazing and I am trying to figure out how to do it-more pics and comments on Mo nday when I get back to London and have time to process it


  6. Hey Melissa,
    I found you, My URL is I hope to find things that make you less worrysome about me and my life..!!..