Tower of London

Tower of London

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ACADEMIC-The British Museum

Oh, the British Museum. How you foiled me. Seriously. It wasn't cool. I came to sit at the foot of the Rosetta Stone and have my mind blown at the Japanese collection you have amassed. I have heard you have an amazing children's collection, but alas, I was unable to see it with my own eyes. Why? Because your might was far too powerful for my will.

This was the toughest day of the trip. I think my mind was just mentally worn from all of the travel, the lack of sleep, and the constant over-stimulation of all that I was taking in. Add the fact that I am not generally one to throw myself into the middle of a mass crowd of people and we have "the meltdown".

The British Museum may very well be the busiest place on earth. I have a hard time believing that Disney World (any of them) has this many people in one area- and the British Museum is huge! I tried to hold out and I even managed to see the Rosetta Stone, but the lack of any type of line control, elevators to nowhere, incorrect directions, and the pushing and shoving of the herd, it was much more than I could take.

The museum is beautiful and I do recommend seeing it if you are in London. However, just be prepared. Check out the website before you go and figure out what is important to you to see. They will give you a list of exhibits when you arrive, but by then it is too late. Once you are in the swarm, you need to know what you want to see or you will drown.

There were some benefits to "the meltdown". I was able to walk around the city and ride the tube for the first time by myself. My friends are wonderful, but at that point I really needed some alone time in my head. I will always remember the British Museum, some of it even fondly. After all, the Rosetta Stone was pretty amazing. Watch out British Museum, next time I will be prepared for you and I will conquer seeing the best parts of your collection!

For more information about this museum, click here.

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