Tower of London

Tower of London

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The First Weekend

This first weekend has been incredible. I don't think I have ever accomplished this much in such a short period of time. Ever.

So here is a quick recap of where we have been so far:

Westminster Abbey: Okay, so we only drove by it on the way to our flats, but already it was awe-inspiring. It is HUGE. I cannot wait to get a closer look at it. We are going to take a walking tour on a free afternoon. I am also hoping to attend a service. (The building next store is a public library and bath house, I so cannot wait to see if that is still in operation!)

The London Eye: Gargantuan ferris wheel that allows you to see almost all of London. Great photo opp. (Also saw that there is a Beatles exhibit happening and will be sure to check that out too!)

We only took a few minutes to move into our flats-not as cute as they were online, but they are cozy. It is great for reading areas especially (figures I would make it my own personal reading room right off!) We bought our oyster cards (the subway pass you buy per visit or week) and then we were off to travel the city-by foot!

It was worth it, because I was surprised to see Big Ben in my camera as I was taking a long distance shot of the Eye. Then it was off to see the Thames River. I am sorry to report that it is a color oft referred to as yuck brown. However, it is a beautiful river otherwise and there is always something happening there. The National Theatre is next door and holds outdoor concerts, plays, and other events all summer long.

Saturday proved to be even more eventful. Orientation in the morning and then
it was off to Notting Hill and Piccadilly Square. Think massive flea market, but everything is in eclectic little shops and boutiques. Absolutely adorable and a great look at the London lifestyle.

After dinner, it was off to The Tower of London and London Bridge. They were breathtaking. We are going on the walking tour for this site, so I will be writing more about this later.

After that, we spent a little time getting lost in the area where Jack the Ripper ran wild and finished up the evening with a visit to the Tate Museum of Modern Art.

Not bad for my first 36 hours. The days are packed and it still feels like we will not see everything, so stay tuned for more. Some entries will be about the site visits while others will be about my experiences here in London. I am using this blog for class as well, so feel free to pass up on what you find boring and enjoy the adventure! Comment lots-looking forward to hearing your take! What do you want to hear more of?


P.S. I have been taking lots of pictures, but am having a technical glitch with getting them off of the camera. Will figure this out asap and then you can see what I am seeing!


  1. Mis,
    It sounds like you are seeing lots and having fun.(exactly what I was hoping for you.) Wanted you to know we are missing you here at home.
    I can't wait to read more about your adventures. Keep having fun. Love ya. Donna

  2. Thanks Donna! I am missing everyone back home too! I am having lots of fun and am trying to put together an itinerary so I can fit in everything. I am taking my job of seeing England for the family very seriously!

    Love You too,