Tower of London

Tower of London

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things I Will Miss About Scotland

The Elephant House, the cafe where J.K. Rowling
wrote the first Harry Potter Books!

Okay, I will admit, there is not much I will miss about Scotland. It was an adventure, but I just was not feeling it like London. However, even when things are not perfect, there are still some pretty cool amazing things €to appreciate!

* Highland Cows (You can see the picture a few entries down. Tell me they are not adorable!)

* Colm Linanne at Central Public Library. (Read the academic post about the library. Enough said!)

* The Highland Games. (We only got to see the last five minutes of them, but it was the coolest experience! I wish we had been there a little earlier to get in on the fun.)

* Scottish House of Commons. (This is apparently the most disdainful thing this country has ever done in some people's eyes, but I think the building is amazing! Pure fun! The picture here shows just one side. Each side is different-and there is even bamboo involved!!!! )

* The Elephant House (The birth place of Harry Potter. It is not exactly what I expected from all of her interviews, but I do think it is even cooler!)

* The Turkish Restaurant. (I am so sorry I do not remember the name of it, but it is on The Royal Mile. It is a family owned restaurant and they serve vegetables! The family is so sweet and the food is amazing. Note to Rhode Island restaurants-let's get more Turkish cuisine!)

Scottish House of Commons

Scotland just before dawn

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