Tower of London

Tower of London

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ireland-A Perfect Day

I am writing from a small internet shop in Ireland and I can honestly say that today was one of those perfect days in life! After starting off the day with a hot breakfast, my friends and I departed for a bus tour to Wicklow.

Our tour leader was an adorable older man named Tony (figures). He knows his Irish history and he knows how to entertain the crowd. I have never seen so much lush green grass and fields. The air is so fresh you can feel your whole body relax to be able to take in as much as possible.

I spent time in a bog (more on that later, only 15 minutes left here), went through a monastery, and stood on the fields and bridges were several movies were filmed including Braveheart, P.S. I Love You and others. I saw cows, sheep, and horses roaming in the fields-which made me giggle to no end.

The entire time, I was picturing the story of Heidi as she climbed the mountain to Grandfather's house that first day with Peter and his sheep herd. I pictured her running up barefoot and only in her slip and knickers. I pictured how she played everyday on that field and enjoyed the damp mud and grass in between her toes and how she could not picture being happier anywhere else in the world. I too felt like that today.

I wanted to go barefoot and run across the hills myself, but I must admit I am a bit of a sissy. For as much of a renowned polar bear I can be-it was freezing! It had to be about 48 degrees up there today. I was praying for gloves and earmuffs! As much as I wish every July would be chilly, it was a little much for me to gt my warm socks and sneakers off. We still have a visit to Cork to see the Blarney Stone tomorrow, so I will be better prepared and will find my feet in that beautiful green grass!

There's so much more to say, but time is almost up here. I will try and check in again before London, otherwise pictures and more on Tuesday!

Here's to an amazing day with great friends, a perfect setting, and even better memories!



  1. well Melissa I was able to post it above now I will try again.

    Great to see you are having a fantastic time in Scotland and Ireland. I hope you did stop by an Irish Pub and have some brew while you listened to Iriah folk stories of Mahoney.

    Keep those pictures comming and have a great day.

    Bii @ wwlibrary

  2. Hey Mis!

    How have you been? Sure sounds like you are always on an adventure or between one. I envy your ability to get out and see the UK. You will have these memories and experiences for a lifetime. Wanted to say hi and let you know we are thinking about you. The Watermans (Manuela, Bob, Ashley, and Brittany)